Valentines 2015

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    Wild and rustic decorations

    In the Masia Xamandreu we have joined the latest trend of rustic weddings.

    Every wedding is different and reflects the personality of the bride and groom. Now days, a lot of them choose a more austere, rustic or country decor.

    In the pictures you can see how we have transformed a basket into a decorative centerpiece.

    The basket was used to decorate the area where you congratulate the couple after performing their union.

    Next we have the sitting plan. Continuing with the rural esthetic we chose to use an old pale and transform it into something much more beautiful and romantic to distribute the tables of the guests. With paint, flowers, art and much love we were able to create something completely different. As a basis we use wood and decorative baskets with flowers and ornaments.

    The centerpieces were made ​expressly for the occasion. It was made with wild flowers and herbs. Among them we can find olive leaves, eucalyptus, rosemary, wild daisies and false pepper. The centers were accompanied with candles to give a romantic touch.

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    Variety of buffets

    At the Masia Xamandreu we are concerned about the details. So along with the reception we give suggestions to make your wedding unique and memorable.

    The cocktail can be done by passing trays with snacks, but can also be accompanied with different stands.

    There are plenty of options from: a buffet of cheeses and jams, smoked meats, sushi, wine selection, BBQ service, show cooking….

    Here are some examples here but you can use your imagination, contact us and we will make it happen.

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    Service of wine and drinks

    The correct service for beverage is important; it is a detail of organization and good taste. The people in charge to assist you during this service have received the adequate training through courses taught by qualified teachers.

    Your waiter approaches the table and presents the wine and offers if someone wants to taste wine. The temperature of the wines has been checked by a professional sommelier. The wine and its history are in fashion. It is always better when our guest can ask about wines and we offer them with a cultured answer.

    The service at the Masia Xamandreu depends on your own personal style, so will the pace and presentation of the products.

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    Sitting Plan

    Among the latest trends we can find the diversity of sitting plans. The sitting plan should always follow the style chosen by the couple; it can become something innovative and creative.

    We have many options through the photos we can see: a mirror two feet wide by one feet high to distribute the tables of the guests.

    We see more classic options. There is also a basket of flowers more of a rustic type to liven the sitting plan. This set is completed by a painting the bride’s aunt made for the occasion.

    The sitting plans with clothespins are one of the favorites right now. Where we can use structures or decorative elements in which he hang up the guest list by using tiny clothespins.

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    Painting Competition in the farmhouse Xamandreu

    On September of last year we held the tenth edition of quick painting “Godella i el seu entorn” (Godella and its surroundings). The Masia Xamandreu was chosen for the contest because of its charm and unique atmosphere.

    The Masia Xamandreu was built towards the end of the nineteenth century and used to be the residence of the famous Valencian painter Ignacio Camarlench Pinazo. While staying at the Masia, Ignacio Pinazo painted different pictures, as the group called “The Four Seasons”.

    During the celebration of the contest in the farmhouse, it was impossible not to go back in time and surround yourself with the harmony and composition that inspired the painter Pinazo during the nineteenth century.