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Wild and rustic decorations

In the Masia Xamandreu we have joined the latest trend of rustic weddings.

Every wedding is different and reflects the personality of the bride and groom. Now days, a lot of them choose a more austere, rustic or country decor.

In the pictures you can see how we have transformed a basket into a decorative centerpiece.

The basket was used to decorate the area where you congratulate the couple after performing their union.

Next we have the sitting plan. Continuing with the rural esthetic we chose to use an old pale and transform it into something much more beautiful and romantic to distribute the tables of the guests. With paint, flowers, art and much love we were able to create something completely different. As a basis we use wood and decorative baskets with flowers and ornaments.

The centerpieces were made ​expressly for the occasion. It was made with wild flowers and herbs. Among them we can find olive leaves, eucalyptus, rosemary, wild daisies and false pepper. The centers were accompanied with candles to give a romantic touch.